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    MESRE-RIME Program Planning Committee

    The Research in Medical Education (RIME) Program Planning Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the RIME component of the AAMC Medical Education Meeting. The committee members, with the guidance and support of the AAMC Staff, have several responsibilities, including:

    • Planning the structure of the RIME components of the AAMC Medical Education Meeting;
    • Coordinating the RIME Call for Submissions with the AAMC Medical Education Meeting Planning Committee;
    • Issuing the RIME Call for Research Papers, Review Papers, and Research Abstracts;
    • Reviewing the submissions for Research Papers, Review Papers, and Research Abstracts;
    • Collating the external reviews of research papers, review papers and abstracts to select papers and abstracts for presentation at the AAMC Medical Education Meeting
    • Providing constructive feedback to authors who responded to the RIME Call for Submissions;
    • Identifying areas of research methods and skills that would benefit the broader community of educators.
    • Communicating and aligning efforts to advance educational research with the MESRE committee/GEA steering committee

    The major responsibility of RIME Program Planning Committee members is the review and selection of papers and research abstracts submitted for the RIME conference at the AAMC Medical Education Meeting. The review includes compiling detailed constructive feedback for all papers and research abstracts submitted. The committee members begin the review process in the winter and final selection decisions are made at the committee meeting in the spring. The RIME committee meets twice a year, in or around the AAMC Medical Education Meeting and in the spring.

    The term of a RIME Program Planning Committee member is three years, with the exception of the committee Chair. Each year the current year’s committee “Chair” is requested to serve an additional year in the role of “Past Chair”. RIME Program Planning Committee members are nominated by their peers and elected through a national process in which all members of the Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) Section are able to vote. Each year the ballot consists of a candidate with a MD/DO degree and a candidate with a PhD/EdD degree. Additionally, the nominating committee may consider specific areas of expertise in the identification of candidates.

    2023-2024 RIME Program Planning Committee


    Cha-Chi Fung, PhD
    Associate Professor of Clinical Medical Education
    Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

    Javeed Sukhera, MD, PhD, FRCPC
    Chair of Psychiatry, Institute of Living 
    Chief of Psychiatry, Hartford Hospital 
    Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
    Yale School of Medicine


    Andrea N. Leep Hunderfund, MD, MHPE
    Assistant Professor of Neurology
    Mayo Clinic

    Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, MEd, PhD
    Chair, Education Research Group
    Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital


    Jorie Colbert-Getz, PhD
    Assistant Dean of Education Quality Improvement
    University of Utah School of Medicine

    Ming-Jung Ho, MD, DPhil
    Professor, Department of Family Medicine
    Associate Director, Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE)
    Georgetown University Medical Center

    Pilar Ortega, MD
    Assistant Clinical Professor
    University of Chicago Illinois

    Michael Ryan, MD
    Associate Dean for Assessment, Evaluation, Research and Innovation
    University of Virginia

    Arianne Teherani, PhD
    Director, Program Evaluation and Education Continuous Quality Improvement
    School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

    Tasha Wyatt, PhD
    Associate Director, Center for Health Professions Education (CHPE)
    Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

    Bonny Dickinson, PhD
    Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
    Director of Medical Education Research
    Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences
    Mercer University School of Medicine

    Tai Lockspeiser, PhD
    Professor, Pediatrics
    Jones Family Endowed Professor of Medical Education
    University of Colorado, School of Medicine

    Binbin Zheng, PhD, M. Ed, BS
    Associate Professor, Center for Health Professions Education
    Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences