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Western Group on Educational Affairs (WGEA)

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The Western Group on Educational Affairs (WGEA) is one of four regional groups of the AAMC Group on Educational Affairs (GEA). GEA membership is open to all faculty, faculty, staff, and learners involved in medical education.We strive to promote excellence in the continuum of medical education by fostering the professional development of medical educators and advancing research in medical education.

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    2021 GEA Regional Virtual Meeting Abstract Compendium

    To help promote and disseminate the incredible scholarly work accepted for presentation at the 2021 GEA Regional Virtual Meeting, all work accepted for presentation has been compiled into an abstract compendium. This compendium includes all accepted abstracts and session proposals as they were submitted, including: Innovation Abstracts, Research Abstracts, and Workshops. If you would like to view the 2020 Regional Abstract Compendium, please contact educationalaffairs@aamc.org.

    Access the Compendium (PDF)

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    Guide to the Western Group on Educational Affairs

    A full list of the current members of the Western Group on Educational Affairs. 

    Please fill out a Membership Application to be added to both the national GEA and WGEA listserv. You can unsubscribe from the listserv at any time by emailing gea@aamc.org.

    There are two ways to send a message to the WGEA listserv:

    • Send an email message to wgea@lists.aamc.org. This will automatically send your message over the list to WGEA membership.
    • Contact AAMC staff at gea@aamc.org.

    To help prevent messages from being marked as spam, please be sure to add wgea@lists.aamc.org to your safe senders list.

    Note: To use the WGEA listserv template, the message must originate from the AAMC.

    The Western Group on Educational Affairs offers numerous opportunities for members to collaborate and participate in group decisions and governance

    2018 WGEA Mini-Grant Awardees:

    Bias and the Multiple-Mini Interview: Helping Promote Fair, Holistic Admissions in The Health Sciences ($5,000)

    • Pl- Benjamin Chan, MD (University of Utah School of Medicine)
    • Leila Harrison, MA, Med (Washington State University Elson S. Floyd School of Medicine)
    • Tanisha Price-Johnson (University of Arizona COM-Tucson)
    • Mentor: Richard Sudweeks, PhD (Brigham Young University

    Using a Virtual Clinic to Train Pediatrics Residents in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics ($5,000)

    • Pl- Christina Buysse, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine)
    • Barbara Bently, PsyD, Med (Stanford University School of Medicine)
    • Lauren Hubner, MD, MPH (Stanford University School of Medicine)
    • Karla Au Yeung, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine)
    • Camela Sosa, MD (Stanford University School of Medicine)

    Previously Funded WGEA Mini-Grant Proposals

    Official governance and administration information for members of the Western Group on Educational Affairs. 

    Annual meetings provide opportunities to share ideas and resources and report research among its members. WGEA members are self-nominated.

    The Group on Educational Affairs (GEA) has four regions: Southern, Central, Northeast, and Western, corresponding to AAMC regions. Each holds an annual spring meeting for faculty, educators, and administrators from the member institutions within their respective regions. Regional GEA meetings include sessions and exhibits analogous to those offered at the national meeting, including meetings of regional special interest groups (SIGs). The other regional groups are:

    WGEA Chair: Paul Gordon, MD
    Professor, Family and Community Medicine
    University of Arizona—Tucson

    AAMC Staff

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    AAMC Mailing Lists

    AAMC mailing lists are available for sharing valuable information and resources with our member institutions and constituents.

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