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    Continuum Integration Project

    In 2016 the GEA Steering Committee committed to improving integration of innovations across the continuum of medical education and to facilitating communication across the GEA regions. The goal of this work is to Establish a culture of engagement across the continuum on all GEA and AAMC medical education initiatives with a focus on transition points. Over the past several months I have meet with countless stakeholders and listened to their successes and frustrations with integrating innovations across the continuum, which led to the development of a three-year plan to move us toward measurable impact on the continuum of medical education.

    During 2017, the GEA Steering Committee began to map out various attributes of current environment. This included developing a map of GEA stakeholders and analyzing our current strengths, problems, potential threats and the opportunities that can arise from these. The steering committee will continue this converstation when they meet in May. Stay tuned for more.

    Kevin H. Souza
    GEA Chair of Continuum Integration