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Beyond the White Coat Podcast

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The “Beyond the White Coat” podcast dives into issues affecting the academic medicine community at-large, while also highlighting the important work happening at America’s medical schools, teaching hospitals, and within the communities they serve.

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Beyond the White Coat

Times are changing, and along with it, academic medicine must change, too. The Beyond the White Coat series dives into issues affecting the academic medicine community at-large, including how we have adapted due to the global pandemic, and how the community is coming together to address racism head-on.

A person holding a "Racism is a Pandemic too" sign

Racism Under the Microscope

We’ve known for a long time that systemic racism influences the social determinants of health — affecting, quite literally, who in this country survives and who suffers. People who live in poorer neighborhoods often receive lower quality and less care from health care providers. And long-standing discrimination against all marginalized communities has created dramatic health inequities. David J. Skorton, MD, looks back at some of the conversations we had about these very difficult and persistent issues this past season on “Beyond the White Coat.”

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Beyond the White Coat: Making the Rounds

At the heart of academic medicine are the individuals who provide unparalleled care to patients and communities across the country and are at the cutting edge of medical research advances. The Making the Rounds series features many different voices from within and outside of academic medicine.

Advocacy and Policy Series

The Capitol building surrounded by coronavirus

A Look Ahead: AAMC 2021 Advocacy and Policy Priorities

The pandemic has left serious challenges in its wake for the academic medicine community to address. From health equity to provider relief, teaching hospitals and medical schools are creating new strategies to improve the health of people everywhere. And as congressional lawmakers continue their work on Capitol Hill, the academic medicine community is looking for ways to educate policymakers about the issues that will help their institutions continue to serve their patients and communities.

Community Health Connect Series

A senior African American doctor

Black Men in Medicine: Meeting the Challenge

Clarence Fluker talks with three guests about the alarming absence of Black men in medicine: Norma Poll-Hunter, PhD, senior director of the AAMC’s workforce diversity portfolio; Malcolm Woodland, PhD, co-founder and director of Young Doctors DC; and André Smith, a student studying for his master’s degree in health sciences at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, and a member of the Action Collaborative for Black Men in Medicine steering committee sponsored by the AAMC and the National Medical Association.

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