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    Ask an Expert About … Health Care Workforce Shortages

    This season of “Beyond the White Coat” will offer even more content with new mini episodes featuring interviews with experts from the AAMC. These mini episodes, collectively called “Ask an Expert,” include questions crowdsourced from across social media and the AAMC Virtual Communities for AAMC staff about their field of expertise. If you’d like to hear your question answered in a future episode, follow @AAMCToday on X, formerly known as Twitter, and on Instagram or join the AAMC community at communities.aamc.org, and keep a look out for the ask!

    Episode Guest

    Michael Dill

    Michael Dill is director of Workforce Studies at the AAMC. He’s been with the AAMC for over 15 years, focusing his work on health systems economics, data, and analysis.

    On this week’s episode of “Ask an Expert,” Dill sits down with us to discuss how he and his team uncover the challenges and solutions in health care shortages and the impact on future health care professionals and their patients.

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