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    Ask an Expert About … Virtual Community Building

    This season of “Beyond the White Coat” will offer even more content with new mini episodes featuring interviews with experts from the AAMC. These mini episodes, collectively called “Ask an Expert,” include questions crowdsourced from across social media and the AAMC Virtual Communities for AAMC staff about their field of expertise. If you’d like to hear your question answered in a future episode, follow @AAMCToday on X, formerly known as Twitter, and on Instagram or join the AAMC community at communities.aamc.org, and keep a look out for the ask!

    Episode Guest

    Penny Schnarrs

    As director of community relations and strategy at the AAMC, Penny Schnarrs does more than just support the AAMC Virtual Community. She is leading the charge to create positive and impactful change for AAMC constituents by providing a space for collaboration and community building.

    Tune in to this episode of “Ask an Expert” to learn more from Schnarrs about her work and why the AAMC Virtual Community is the place for people who want to collaborate across medical education.

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