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GSA Committee on Student Records (GSA-COSR)

February 2016

VSAS Trafficking Rules
A primary objective of the GSA-COSR is to improve the efficiency and utility of VSAS. Previous improvements have included providing a standardized immunization form, which was well received.

Update as of January 2016: During the January meeting, the GSA-COSR brainstormed what additional VSAS improvements should be prioritized. Based on this discussion, the GSA-COSR decided that a working group, consisting of representation from multiple GSA committees, should be created to fully explore these issues further. More specifically, the GSA-COSR would like to specifically discuss VSAS trafficking rules. This would include common deadlines for accepting applications, denial/acceptance of an application, and last day a student can withdrawal.

Documents of Good Standing
Documents of Good Standing provide important information regarding the academic and/or professional status of a student. The GSA-COSR will be updating the current guidelines on documents of good standing to provide increased clarification regarding academic good standing vs. professional good standing, and how good standing documents should be generated for use in externship applications.

Imaging of Student Records
The GSA-COSR is currently revising the guidelines on the imaging of student records to reflect updates on imaging technology and use of student records in externship applications.

Unexpected Death of a Student
The unexpected death of a student creates multiple complications, including student records, financial aid, and the wellbeing of the student population. The GSA-COSR will be hosting a webinar so that persons from multiple areas of academic medicine can discuss how to best proceed in this difficult situation.

Vanessa Kennedy
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine