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Mission, Goals, and Priorities


Approved by the OSR Administrative Board, September 21, 1994. Approved by the OSR representatives at Annual Meeting, October 30, 1994. Approved by the AAMC Council of Deans, June 21, 1995. Approved by the AAMC Executive Council, September 21, 1995.

The Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) fulfills a unique role among medical student organizations. As part of the AAMC, it provides all United States M.D. medical students with a voice in the nation's largest association dedicated solely to the advancement of academic medicine. The OSR provides medical students with an active role in achieving AAMC's mission to improve the nation's health through the advancement of academic medicine. Additionally, the OSR seeks to ensure that students actively participate in directing their educations, preserving their rights, and delineating their professional responsibilities. To this end, the OSR provides medical students with a voice in academic medicine at a national level and strives to foster student involvement and awareness in this arena at a local level.

Strategic Goals

  • To provide medical student input on issues addressed by the AAMC and state and federal governments that will impact student education, quality of life, or professional development.
  • To develop and Implement OSR initiatives and aid in the development and implementation of AAMC initiatives.
  • To facilitate communication between student bodies of different medical schools and between medical student organizations regarding issues relevant to medical student life and education.
  • To encourage education techniques and objectives that provide medical students with the intellectual skills, professional standards, and knowledge required to meet the needs of an evolving health care system.
  • To assure a safe, supportive learning environment free of abuse, unreasonable health risks, bias, and inequities.
  • To assure that all medical students possess equal freedom and opportunity to pursue the career directions of their choice.
  • To advance the development of leadership skills among medical students through participation in local and national OSR positions.

National Priorities

The OSR has been a leader on many medical student fronts. Recently, the national OSR Administrative Board has been concentrating on:

  • Student finances and the cost of medical education
  • Transition to residency
  • Wellness and resilience
  • Diversity, inclusion, and retention
  • Government relations and student advocacy
  • Educational practices and innovations
  • Humanism in medicine
  • Professional development and collaboration