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AAMC mailing lists are available for sharing valuable information and resources with our member institutions and constituents.

2018 GIA Awards for Excellence

2018 Award Winners

Best in Show

Electronic Communications: Social Media
Insight Blog; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Print and Digital Publishing

Single or Special Issue Publication
Gold: 250th Anniversary Scholarship Challenge Viewbook; Columbia Univeresity Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
Silver: Promise & Progress, Speical Issue: Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy; The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
Bronze: Harvard Medical School Financial Aid Brochure; Harvard Medical School

External Audience Periodical
Gold: Discoveries Magazine; UC San Diego Health
Silver: Stanford Medicine Magazine; Stanford University School of Medicine
Bronze: Brigham and Women's Magazine Redesign; Brigham and Women's Hospital

Internal Audience Periodical
Gold: System News; Penn Medicine Communications Department
Silver: Dome; Johns Hopkins Medicine

Electronic Communications

Audio and Video
Silver: Pediatric Brain Tumor | Declan's Story; Johns Hopkins Medicine
Bronze: Honesty and Strength to Conquer Childhood Cancer; Four Diamonds at Penn State Children's Hospital

Gold: Healthy Woman; Johns Hopkins Medicine Marketing and Communications
Silver: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Lab Website Program; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Bronze: Chronos: A UF Health Online Publishing Platform; University of Florida Health

The Robert G. Fenley Writing Awards

Basic Science Staff Writing
Gold: "Of Mice, Men and Women;" Krista Conger; Stanford Medicine Magazine; Stanford University School of Medicine Special Events
Silver: "Two Minds: The Cognitive Differences Between Men and Women;" Bruce Goldman; Stanford Medicine Magazine, Stanford University School of Medicine

General Staff Writing
Gold: "The Puzzle Solver;" Tracie White; Stanford Medicine Magazine; Stanford University School of Medicine
Silver: "Baby Steps;" Phoebe Hall; Brown Medicine Magazine; The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Bronze: "A Fine Line;" Stephanie Dutchen; Harvard Medicine Magazine; Harvard Medical School

Solicited Articles
Gold: "And Yet, You Try;" Julie Greicius; Stanford Medicine Magazine; Stanford University School of Medicine
Silver: "Learning to Love Our Bugs;" Jerry Grillo; Emory Medicine Magazine; Emory University
Silver: "The Weapon Inside;" Katie Sweeney; Discoveries Magazine; Cedars-Sinai

Short Articles
Gold: "Hospital Social Experiment Looks at Meaning of Life;" Jacqueline Carr; UC San Diego Health
Silver: "Pancreatic Cancer;" Giselle Zayon; Temple Health Magazine; Temple Health

News Releases
Gold: "What Molecules on Your Phone Reveal About your Lifestyle;" Heather Buschman; UC San Diego Health
Silver: "Unroofing Surgery Relieves Debilitating Symptoms of Heart Anomaly;" Tracie White; Stanford University School of Medicine
Bronze: "UNMC Pharmacist on Team Studying Compound as Possible Deterrant to Mosquitoes;" Kalani Simpson; University of Nebraska Medical Center

Special Projects, Programs, or Campaigns

Gold: Milestones Campaign; Northwell Health
Silver: Leveraging Deep Interest in College Sports to Engage Alumni in Giving: UF College of Medicine Legacy Challenge; University of Florida College of Medicine
Bronze: Your Guide to Breastfeeding; UCLA Health

Special Events

Gold: Connect2STEM 2017; The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
Silver: Building for Transformative Medicine Dedication Event; Brigham and Women's Hospital
Brozne: Caroline Osborne Remembrance Wall Dedication; Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine


Gold: Heart to Heart with Dr. Martha Gulati; The University of Artizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
Silver: Raise-at-the Register Campaign; University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences
Bronze: March Madness-Not Just Hoops: How to score alumni using a multimedia approach; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Honorable Mentions

Interested in Submitting Your Work?

You’ve spent the entire year creating innovative campaigns, writing articles, organizing alumni and community events, revamping your digital presence, and most importantly, demonstrating the value of your institution to your community.  Now is the time to show off your work and be recognized!

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