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2016 GIA Awards for Excellence

Special Projects, Programs, or Campaigns: Integrated Advancement

Tough on Cancer Ad Campaign
OHSU Foundation

Describe your campaign.
The Tough on Cancer promotional campaign was developed to support OHSU's $1 billion Knight Cancer Challenge fundraising campaign.

Judges said:
This team showed great agility and creativity in dealing with an emerging story. They capitalized on the spirit and voice of the donor to their benefit. Well done.

What prompted you to take this on?
With a two-year fundraising deadline and a $500 million matching gift on the line, we needed to generate support for the Knight Cancer Challenge.

What was the most successful part of the project?
We employed an unconventional tactic to take back the story following a news leak that identified an anonymous donor.

What is one thing you learned from this experience?
Pay attention to the grassroots response to your campaign, and look for opportunities to amplify organic behavior.

Interested in Submitting Your Work?

You’ve spent the entire year creating innovative campaigns, writing articles, organizing alumni and community events, revamping your digital presence, and most importantly, demonstrating the value of your institution to your community.  Now is the time to show off your work and be recognized!

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