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2016 GIA Awards for Excellence

Electronic Communications: Websites

Duke University School of Medicine Web Design and Development Framework
Duke University School of Medicine

Describe your website.
Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, and Duke University communicators developed guidelines, a process and a Drupal web template, available at no cost to School of Medicine units, which allow units to develop websites more quickly, at a reduced cost, while aligning the brand.

Judges said:
Very impressive. Provided excellent templates for all departments to use, encouraging uniformity without re-creating the wheel. Crisp, clean, clear and concise.

What prompted you to take this on?
In-house web development service units were reorganized and no longer offered services to School of Medicine units, so units were left with no tools and resources. Additionally, websites were being built with no standard branding guidelines or resources so there was no brand alignment among units.

What was the most successful part of the project?
The use of the template is not mandatory; however, because use of the template reduces cost and time and aligns units with the School of Medicine brand, virtually all major departments and units have chosen to use the template to develop their academic websites.

What is one thing you learned from this experience?
If you work as a team to collaboratively develop and then offer (rather than mandate use of) helpful tools and guidelines, then units will more easily embrace use of the tools and guidelines.

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