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2016 GIA Awards for Excellence

Electronic Communications: Audio and Video

Can Your Birth Month Predict Disease Risk?
Columbia University Medical Center

Describe your video.
We produced a video for social audiences about a data science study connecting disease and birth month.

Judges said:
Excellent form of communicating a study. Very creative and very well documented about the problem the study was seeking to solve and how the objectives were met.

What prompted you to take this on?
One of our scientists just published a study that our media team thought would have wide appeal. We wanted to reach a large audience while providing primary source information conveying the science and dispelling myths.

What was the most successful part of the project?
The large and wide audience the video reached. 500,000 viewers watched it on YouTube alone, and it was embedded everywhere from TIME to Sofia Vegara's blog!

What is one thing you learned from this experience?
The power of video in a social media world and how it can help institutions reach large and new audiences directly.


Honorable Mention — Electronic Communications: Audio and Video

Thank You
University of Michigan Health System