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2016 GIA Awards for Excellence

Publications: External Audience Periodical

Stanford Medicine Magazine
Stanford School of Medicine

Describe your publication.
Stanford Medicine strives to engage readers inside and outside of academic medicine, and to raise public awareness of important biomedical issues in which Stanford has a voice.

Judges said:
The measurements are impressive. Beautiful layout and great content; I liked the use of the wrap cover.

What is one thing that makes your publication special?
Stanford Medicine steps away from the traditional focus of a medical school magazine: alumni and school news. Instead, the magazine gives priority to the most pressing medical matters of the day. Each issue focuses on a timely theme and provides readers an educational and thought-provoking briefing on the topic.

How did you know your publication was successful?
Though we haven’t been funded to conduct an in-depth readership survey, readers’ comments, requests for copies of the magazine, online traffic, and coverage in traditional and social media are a few ways we know that we’re meeting our objectives. For instance, last year the magazine’s website had 790,000 unique page views.

What does it mean to you to win?
Recognition by our peers has been a tremendous morale boost to all the members of our team.


Honorable Mention — Publications: External Audience Periodicals

Emory Medicine Magazine
Emory University

Johns Hopkins Health Review Magazine
Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine

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