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SGEA Special Interest Groups

An SGEA Special Interest Group (SGEA-SIG) is a community with an interest in advancing a specific area within the SGEA where members communicate, collaborate and meet to promote research, and effect or produce solutions within their particular area. SGEA-SIGs are self-perpetuating groups in which the membership is responsible for ensuring the ongoing activities of the group. Any SGEA member can join an SGEA-SIG and can be a member of more than one SIG. SGEA-SIGs elect their own officers. Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Membership Coordinator (and others as needed) and set their own agendas. Officer duties include:

  • Chair, guides the SIG’s activities, including items of interest throughout the year, and SIG-related sessions at the annual SGEA and AAMC meetings.
  • Vice Chair, shares responsibilities as determined by the Chair and potentially succeed the Chair
  • Secretary, keeps minutes from any SIG meetings
  • Membership coordinator maintains and distributes the SIG’s current membership list.

The SGEA Steering Committee will review the status of each SIG every 3 years for its membership and activity.

Anyone interested in forming an SGEA-SIG, should first consider current SIGs and overlapping interests.  If the new SIG has unique goals, draft a proposal (identifying an interim Chair and Membership Coordinator for the SIG, as well as giving a short background, goal, mission statement, operational guidelines and proposed activities for the SIG) and send it along with a list of interested SGEA members to the Chairperson of the SGEA Steering Committee for approval by that committee.  The membership list can be a separate file or an addendum within the proposal. While this list may contain some non-SGEA members, the bulk of the membership and the leadership for the SIG should be SGEA members.

SIG Convener Responsibilities 

Current SIGs

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University of Mississippi Medical Center

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