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Council of Deans Fellowship Program

The Council of Deans Fellowship Program was created to enhance the development of future leaders in academic medicine. It is designed for senior faculty members, including department chairs and assistant and associate deans, who are interested in being considered for deanships in the near future. (Note: The program is not intended for candidates currently under active consideration for appointment to a deanship.)

AAMC Reporter: Leadership in Academic Medicine:
COD Fellows Program Inspires Future Leaders Through Knowledge, Networks, Mentoring

Program Guidelines
Financial support:
The cost of participation in the COD Fellowship Program is the responsibility of the Fellow’s home institution.

Application process:
An Application for the COD Fellowship contains the following three items:

  1. A cover letter addressing the reasons for the applicant’s interest in the Fellowship, and including a statement of career goals

  2. A curriculum vitae

  3. A letter of support from the applicant’s dean *

*In the event of the AAMC receiving more than one application from any one school, the dean will be asked to nominate a single candidate

Applications for the 2014-2015 Fellowship are now closed.

More about the COD Fellowship Program 

To submit an application or for additional information, please email

COD Member Directory

Member Directory for Council of Deans
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COD Meetings

Learn ● Serve ● Lead: The AAMC 2013 Annual Meeting

Learn ● Serve ● Lead: The AAMC 2013 Annual Meeting

Nov. 1-6, 2013, in Philadelphia