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About Medical Research

The Scientific Affairs cluster is the AAMC’s research policy arm, representing and advocating for the full spectrum of medical research: implementation and dissemination research, health care delivery research, community and population research, basic discovery research, comparative clinical effectiveness research, and patient outcomes research. Foundational to all these disciplines is basic discovery research, and the AAMC is committed to ensuring that the US basic research enterprise remains strong and vibrant.

Scientific Affairs offers national professional development groups and forums for researchers and research leaders of all ranks and positions in the spectrum of research:

  • Advisory Panel on Research (APR): a group of experts charged with providing input on the resources needed to utilize the full scope of research to meet the health and health care needs of the nation.
  • Group on Research Advancement and Development (GRAND): the premiere professional development group for research deans.
  • Graduate Research, Education, and Training Group (GREAT): the premier professional development group for faculty and administrative leaders of biomedical PhD, MD-PhD, and postdoctoral programs.
  • Research on Care Community (ROCC): a national forum for collaboration between researchers and clinical providers who are engaged in clinical effectiveness and implementation science to improve the quality, safety, health equity, and outcomes of their own patient populations.
  • Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe (FOCI): a national forum offering educational opportunities related to conflict of interest issues and discussion of the development and application of conflict of interest standards related to research, medical education, and clinical decision-making.
  • Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS): the national professional development group for more than 360 academic faculty representatives from medical schools and academic societies.
  • Health Equity Research and Policy (ROCChe): The Health Equity subgroup of ROCC supports AAMC member institutions’ efforts to reduce health inequities by providing an evidence base for health equity research and policy.
  • Science Policy and Regulatory Counsel: The science policy and regulatory counsel unit provides expert guidance on science policy and regulatory issues.

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