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    Animal Use in Research

    The AAMC recognizes the extraordinary contribution that high-quality, ethical research using animal models has made to our understanding of biological systems and advancement of treatments that improve both human and animal life.

    We also join the broader scientific community in our support of the robust oversight of animal research, including the laws, regulations, and institutional policies that ensure the humane treatment, welfare, and safety of animals utilized in scientific research.

    As stated in a 2022 joint letter to Congress, “Animal research remains vital to our mission to understand diseases, discover targeted therapies, alleviate suffering, and improve our quality of life. ... Indeed, the success of the biomedical research community to deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, was only possible because of research using animal models including non-human primates. To remain at the forefront of pandemic preparedness and discovery for other diseases in search of a cure, animal research remains critical.”

    The AAMC strongly condemns harassment and threats against scientists, educators, and institutions that use animals in research. AAMC-member institutions are encouraged to work closely with local, state, and federal law officials to protect students, faculty, staff, animals, and facilities.

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