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    Harmonizing Financial Disclosures in Biomedical Journals

    The Harmonization Host Organizations (a group comprised of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, JAMA, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center hosted a symposium at the AAMC's headquarters in 2019 with leaders from across the biomedical research community to discuss harmonizing requirements for disclosure of authors’ financial interests and relationships in biomedical journals. Attendees outlined the actions needed to harmonize disclosures and ways to build greater transparency and consistency around disclosure requirements, recommending the immediate establishment of three connected working groups (the Working Groups on Harmonization) to develop principles and recommendations for implementation across the research community.

    The Working Groups on Harmonization (comprised of the working groups on Relevancy, Uniform Disclosure Criteria, and Implementation and Principles of Accountability) met over six months to develop a Harmonized Disclosure Framework, further described in the recommendations report below: 

    Implementation and Adoption

    The Harmonization Framework was intentionally designed for broad implementation across domestic and international journals, as well as other invested parties, including academic institutions, professional societies, scientific congresses, continuing medical education community, health care providers, federal funding agencies, advisory panels, and grantmaking organizations. The framework was also developed to be easily updated in response to potential changes to the disclosure landscape (e.g., regulatory, policy, professional standards) and with the flexibility for implementation in tandem with a journal’s or organization’s current disclosure policies and procedures. 

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