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Medical Research

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Many medical breakthroughs are the results of research conducted at AAMC-member medical schools and teaching hospitals.

Major centers of medical research, they conduct more than half of all extramural research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

From prevention to treatments, pioneering research at AAMC-member institutions transforms the health of our nation.

What's New

Research Clips

A weekly roundup of research news items curated from the professional development groups within the AAMC’s Scientific Affairs cluster, and other sources.

100 Metrics to Assess and Communicate the Value of Biomedical Research

This report is the culmination of a partnership between the AAMC and RAND Europe and presents 100 ideas for metrics that can be used to assess and communicate the value of biomedical research.

Institutional Approaches to Tracking Research Trainee Information

This report presents the AAMC’s findings from surveys and interviews to help institutions develop and enhance their own data-collection systems and to encourage local and national discussions around research trainee data collection.

Academic Medicine Investment in Medical Research

This 8-page white paper, Academic Medicine Investment in Medical Research, presents the overall findings of 46 institutions that responded to the survey. While the findings spotlight how substantial the investments from academic medicine are, they also illustrate the huge and growing gap in funding that puts medical research at risk with the absence of predictable, consistent, and sustainable federal funding.


Learning Health System Champion and Pioneer Research Awards

To reward current and support new member efforts to integrate research, education, and clinical care in service of improving patient health and developing a Learning Health System, the AAMC is launching two sets of awards, the Learning Health System Champion Research Award and the Learning Health System Pioneer Research Award.

Featured Topic

Measuring Research: A Guide to Research Evaluation Frameworks and Tools July 2013
This report, prepared for AAMC by RAND Europe, summarizes current conceptual models for how biomedical research translates into academic, health, social and economic impacts, and profiles 14 robust research evaluation initiatives already in use.