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Curriculum Inventory (CI) Advisory Board

The CI Advisory Board is comprised of experts in medical education from various AAMC member institutions and partner organizations, who specialize in curriculum, technology, accreditation, research, and academic development. The Advisory Board will provide invaluable input to the AAMC of each component Curriculum Inventory and Reports (CIR).

The Advisory Board will be thinking broadly about the continuum of medical education, making considerations for how the tools could be used at each educational level, as well as across educational levels. The Board will also consider how the Curriculum Inventory, in particular, can be built to be used across health professions, as well.

CI Advisory Board Members

MemberInstitution/Organization, AffiliationsArea(s) of Expertise
Giulia Bonaminio, PhD
Research Professor and Associate Dean for Medical Education
University of Kansas Medical CenterEducation, Accreditation
Jennifer G. Christner, MD
Dean of Medical Education
Baylor College of Medicine Education, Research
Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolEducation
Colleen Grochowski, PhD
Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs
Duke University School of MedicineEducation, Accreditation
Jennifer L. Koestler, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
New York Medical College School of MedicineEducation
Kevin Krane, MD, FACP
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
Tulane University School of MedicineEducation
Nancy Hueppchen, MD, MSc
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Associate Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Johns Hopkins University School of MedicineEducation
Paul R. Standley, PhD
Assistant Dean, Curricular Affairs
Professor Basic Sciences and Physiology
University of Arizona College of Medicine-PhoenixEducation
Hugh A. Stoddard, PhD, MEd
Assistant Dean for Medical Education
Emory University School of MedicineEducation

Ad Hoc Member

Valerie Smothers, MA
Deputy Director


Walter Fitz-William
Senior Program Operations Specialist
Association of American Medical Colleges
Michael Cameron, MA
Online Content Specialist
Association of American Medical Colleges