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Curriculum Inventory and Reports (CIR)

Curriculum Inventory and Reports (CIR) is designed to serve as the premier benchmarking and reporting tool on content, structure, delivery, and assessment of medical school curricula.

  • The Curriculum Inventory serves as the centralized database of AAMC-member medical school curricula, including content, structure, delivery, and assessment in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Curriculum Reports provide graphical interpretations of both aggregate and historical curriculum-related data that:
  • assist in curriculum benchmarking and continuous quality improvement;
  • provide resources to curriculum committees and faculty;
  • enhance medical education research; and
  • inform legislators and the general public.

2016-2017 CI Upload

133 schools participated in the 2016-2017 upload cycle: 131(90%) US medical schools and 2 (10%) Canadian medical schools. While we had an increase in the number of US schools that did not participate due to curriculum change, curriculum management system change, and LCME prep, there is only one US medical school that has not uploaded to the CI in at least once. Eight (47%) Canadian medical schools have uploaded at least once in the past five years.  We are already analyzing data and will begin updating reports immediately.

CI System Issues for 2016-2017

As you may remember from the list of system changes for this year, we made a change in how the Summative Assessment Table in the CI Verification Report calculated number of events for each Assessment Method.  Many schools had reported that the calculations were incorrect because we were counting assessment events* in that table, which resulted in a slight elevation to expected results.

Several schools have reported that this change has resulted in a new issue, and it appears that the coding is now counting only summative assessments for both the Summative Assessment Table and the Formative Assessment Table. We are continuing to investigate the issues to determine how to fix this for next year.  Please let us know how the current Verification Report calculations are working for you so we can ensure we move in the right direction as we update the Verification Report for next year. 

  • Assessment events include Assessment Methods ONLY and are meant to show how content across the course is assessed in course assessments. (Assessment Methods included in events that have BOTH Instructional Methods and Assessment Methods are meant to show how content covered in the event WILL be assessed in course assessments. This allows us to report on how content is taught and assessed).

We also continue to hear from schools who are struggling to clearly represent how content is taught due to the CI requirement for a Primary Instructional Method. We are reviewing options for showing at least two Instructional Methods in the All Assessment Methods Table and hope to remove this challenge for next year’s upload.

Learn more about CIR through materials from past workshops and information sessions, available on the Training and Webinars page.

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