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AAMC Student Surveys

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has developed the Student Surveys as means for its members to identify issues critical to medical education and the well-being of medical students. Issues include students’ preparation for the MCAT, for medical school, and for residency; perceptions of the learning environment; satisfaction with medical school programs and services; costs of education; and future career plans.

The AAMC Student Surveys can be used by medical schools, faculty, students, and researchers for benchmarking purposes and for improving medical education programs.

More information about each survey can be found in the links at left.

AAMC Student Surveys Advisory Committee

The AAMC Student Surveys Advisory Committee (SSAC) works with stakeholders to provide effective and timely program evaluation tools for the improvement of medical education. The SSAC is led by Geoffrey H. Young, PhD, Senior Director, Student Affairs and Programs.

Looking for AAMC Data?

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Individuals seeking data about medical schools, teaching hospitals, and medical students can request custom projects from the AAMC.