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Year Two Questionnaire (Y2Q)

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Reports of the 2023 Y2Q are now available. School reports are accessible to authorized school staff at MSPS

The AAMC administers the Medical School Year Two Questionnaire (Y2Q) annually to all active, second-year medical students. The online questionnaire asks second-year medical students to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Learning climate
  • Adjustment to medical school
  • Future career plans

Student responses to the Y2Q are analyzed and presented in a national report. This information will help medical schools understand the climate and culture of medical education.

AAMC Student Surveys Advisory Committee

The AAMC Student Surveys Advisory Committee (SSAC) works with stakeholders to provide effective and timely program evaluation tools for the improvement of medical education. The SSAC is led by Geoffrey H. Young, PhD, Senior Director, Transforming Health Care Workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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