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Analysis in Brief

Analysis in Brief presents recent findings from the AAMC's data collection and research activities in a concise, easy-to-read report. Published several times a year, it addresses a wide range of topics and trends that affect medical schools and teaching hospitals.

March 2014 Analysis in Brief: An Analysis of the Medical School Pipeline: A High School Aspirant to Applicant and Enrollment View

The medical school pipeline has been used as a metaphor for describing persistence on the path to medical education. Along the pathway into medical school, members of different and often under-represented demographic groups progressively "leak out" of this pipeline at varying rates, which contributes to patterns of under-representation among medical applicants, matriculants, and physicians. In this Analysis in Brief, the composition of the pipeline during the sophomore year in high school is compared to the composition of medical school applicants and matriculants, in order to highlight the extent to which socio-economic status and race may matter in this "leaking out" process.  Results show that segments of the population that historically have had low representation among the physician workforce (e.g., blacks, Hispanics, women, and those whose parents have less than a college degree) are more likely to aspire toward a career as a physician than they are to apply or be accepted into medical school. Using these analyses as a foundation, future analyses can isolate the causes of these leaks, which may lead to interventions that can help contribute to a more diverse and more effective physician workforce.

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