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AAMC Submits Letter to MedPAC on HOPD Payments

March 22, 2013—The AAMC March 15 sent a letter  to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) asking the committee to analyze the impact to beneficiaries when considering reductions to outpatient hospital payments.  The letter is in response to the MedPAC discussion at its March 8 meeting, where they continued an examination of reducing hospital outpatient payments so service prices are consistent across different sites of service  [see Washington Highlights, March 8].

In the letter, the AAMC provides data points from an internal analysis that indicate patient visits to hospital outpatient departments tend to be more complex and have a higher percent of vulnerable patients than visits in physician offices. MedPAC did not make a formal recommendation on outpatient services, but plans to include a chapter in its June Report to Congress.


Mary Patton Wheatley, M.S.
Director, Health Care Affairs
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