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PCORI Votes on National Research Agenda and Funding

April 27, 2012—On an April 25 conference call, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board of Governors heard and voted on two reports; the first on funding recommendations for the pilot round of grants [see Washington Highlights, Sept. 23, 2011] and the second on amendments to the National Priorities for Research and Research Agenda.

The board members voted to accept the recommended funding slate after reviewing the selection process for the projects, and hearing information on the balancing criteria employed by the committee. Board members then heard and approved recommended revisions to the National Priorities for Research and Research Agenda.

Key points included confirmation that funding will remain condition-neutral, and acknowledgement of concerns that funded research be simultaneously patient-centered and scientifically evidence-based. The board reiterated that while health information technology (IT) remains a concern, PCORI should not be considered a primary source of funding for stand-alone health IT projects.

AAMC submitted a March 14 letter commenting on the institute’s priorities and agenda when they were in draft form [see Washington Highlights, March 16].

Materials, including the agenda and expanded slide decks from this special meeting, are available on the PCORI website, and comments are welcomed at Funding announcements are expected later this spring.


Mildred Solomon, Ed.D.
Senior Director, Implementation Science
Telephone: 202-828-0543

Ellen Salkeld, Ph.D.
Senior Lead Specialist for Implementation Science
Telephone: 202-741-6460


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