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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Biomedical Research

A diverse workforce and supportive, equitable, and inclusive research environment are key to driving impactful biomedical discovery. Diverse perspectives foster innovation and creativity and help to ensure that research addresses the unique needs of diverse communities, ultimately advancing health equity. The AAMC promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the biomedical research enterprise through:

  • Ongoing data and analysis efforts to better understand the research workforce and environment.
  • Initiatives to highlight the experiences of researchers from underrepresented and historically marginalized backgrounds.
  • The curation and development of resources and tools that promote an inclusive research environment and diverse workforce.

Biomedical Research Workforce Data and Analysis 

The AAMC provides data and analysis on a variety of topics related to workforce and DEIA in biomedical research. Learn more about our recent publications below.  

The AAMC is leading data and analysis efforts to understand and address DEIA issues in the biomedical research workforce.

An analysis of the 2022 National Sample Survey of Physicians compares demographics and work experience of physician scientists vs. peers not engaged in research. 


The AAMC is a leading voice in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across biomedical research. We have several current initiatives that we are working on to increase DEIA in the field of biomedical research. Learn more about our efforts below: 

The AAMC Career Development Program for MOSAIC Scholars provides an educational program for cohorts of National Institutes of Health (NIH)-awarded K99/R00 scholars. 

Resources and Tools 

The Action Collaborative brings together partners across industries and disciplines to increase the representation of Black men in medicine. 

The AAMC provides resources and trainings to assist these institutions to meet their goals around addressing unconscious biases. 

This report focuses on competencies for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

A webinar series that helps foster inclusive environments, create equitable advancement policies, and promote anti-racist policies and practices. 

This seminar brings together junior faculty from across the U.S. to provide participants with guidance and tools for pursuing careers in academic medicine. 

This is a leadership development program designed specifically for mid-career faculty who aspire to leadership positions in academic medicine. 

Stay Connected  

Join the work we’re doing across the AAMC to address diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility issues.  

Join an AAMC Virtual Community  

Join this online community focused on disability inclusion in academic medicine and an outlet for sharing valuable resources with others invested in creating disability inclusive environments.

Contact Us 

To express interest in joining a group related to DEIA in biomedical research or to share your thoughts about how the AAMC can support and improve the research enterprise contact us at science@aamc.org.