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Staff Success Engagement Survey


Staff at academic medical centers are essential to the institution’s operations, however, little is known about their professional needs. The AAMC created the Staff Success Engagement Survey to assist medical school leaders in understanding the needs and drivers of engagement among staff. Uniquely designed and validated for medical school staff, results from the survey can be used in parallel to the StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey to create strong workplace cultures.

Piloted by 10 institutions in 2015, with over 5,000 staff respondents, the Staff Success Engagement Survey measures 12 dimensions of engagement.

What does the survey measure?

  • Nature of Work
  • Staff Resources
  • Focus on Medical School Mission
  • Department/Work Unit Leadership
  • Medical School Governance
  • Relationship with Supervisor
  • Opportunities for Growth and Development
  • Collegiality and Collaboration
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Policies
  • Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • Global Satisfaction and Retention

What type of reports are included?

Participating institutions receive a comprehensive set of qualitative and quantitative reports that address the specific needs of the institution. Our Standard Report package includes:

  • An executive summary highlighting key findings from the institution
  • 11 demographic benchmarking reports
  • Institutional department/work unit reports
  • De-identified qualitative data reports
  • Department data sorting tool
  • PowerPoint presentation of key findings

Which schools have participated?

In 2015, ten medical schools participated in the Staff Success Engagement Survey. The AAMC collected data from over 5,000 staff respondents which currently makes up our benchmark. View the full list of participating institutions.

To learn more

Please review our Staff Success Engagement Survey handout. 

If you are interested in implementing the Staff Success Engagement Survey at your institution or learning more about reporting or pricing options, please contact

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