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Tools to Help Institutions Measure Engagement

An organization’s most valuable asset is its people. Yet, the average institution spends several million dollars on turnover and retention costs every year. To improve employee engagement and retention, it’s important to understand the needs of your workforce. The solution: AAMC StandPoint™ Surveys.

StandPoint Surveys offer a series of robust custom engagement surveys that delve into the unique factors at academic health institutions that are known to drive the engagement and retention of faculty and staff.

Why Choose StandPoint Surveys?

AAMC StandPoint™ Surveys from AAMC on Vimeo.

We partner with you to develop a comprehensive and customized approach to collecting essential employee feedback needed to support your institution’s goals. StandPoint Surveys offers a turnkey process for survey administration that ensures your institution can successfully collect rich and representative data.

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StandPoint Surveys Offerings

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Learn about StandPoint's tools to help institutions measure and improve employee engagement.

Promising Practices

Promising Practices thumbnailDownload the newest publication from StandPoint™ Surveys, Promising Practices for Faculty Engagement and Retention.

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