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StandPoint seeks to support academic medical centers in creating “best places to work” that engage and retain the talented employees needed to achieve the unique mission of each institution and improve the health of the nation.

StandPoint is committed to assisting academic medical centers in measuring, understanding, and improving the institutional work environment, recognizing both the human and organizational dimensions of the talent management imperative unique to academic medicine.

Developed in 2009, StandPoint is an AAMC program designed to assist academic health centers attract top talent and retain exceptional faculty and staff. We offer surveys and tools to assess the engagement, satisfaction, and retention of full- and part-time medical school faculty; medical school staff; and educators in schools of nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, allied health and other health professions. Our engagement surveys are specifically designed and validated to address the unique culture of academic medicine.

How does your institution benefit?

Participating institutions receive comprehensive reports that address the specific needs of the institution and valuable benchmarking with peer institutions. Participants of the program have used the survey data to:

  • Support continuous quality-improvement efforts
  • Create strategic plans
  • Plan for future workforce needs
  • Contribute to reviews of department chairs
  • Provide evidence for quality awards
  • Evaluate institution-specific policies and programs
  • Secure funding for faculty development programs
  • Define new faculty tracks

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Research shows that engaged individuals give more than is expected of them in their workplace and are happy to do so. Furthermore, engaged employees have a sense of mission and passion that motivate them to give exceptional effort to their work. However, in order to be fully engaged, employees need the resources, support, and tools from the organization to act on, or drive, their sense of mission and passion. Highly engaged faculty members are not just interested in their work, they are invested in the success of your entire organization. Engaged, committed faculty members raise the level of organizational performance and pursue longer careers at your institution. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and the environment they create in their departments and laboratories is more likely to attract highly qualified recruits.

StandPoint Surveys Offerings

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Promising Practices

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