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“We at the AAMC believe faculty are your institutions’ single most valuable resource. We know that it is important to keep faculty engaged and build strong workplace cultures to drive performance in our core missions.”

AAMC Chief Academic Affairs Officer
John Prescott, M.D.

"Understanding the strategic role played by faculty satisfaction is vital to the success of our institutions."

AAMC President and CEO
Darrell G. Kirch, M.D.

Faculty Forward Engagement Survey

The survey provides the opportunity to assess specific areas of faculty engagement, as well as the effectiveness of your institution’s talent management policies and practices. The 2009 administration of the Faculty Forward survey created the largest-ever collection of workplace engagement and satisfaction benchmarking data for academic medicine institutions in the U.S.

Rigorous Measurement

Our survey, developed and reviewed by experts in survey design, academic medicine, talent management, and organizational development, grew from a series of in-depth focus groups with medical school clinical and basic science faculty members. This independent, research-based survey, is used to diagnose areas of faculty engagement and the effectiveness of faculty-related institutional policies and practices in the following domains:

  • Nature of Work
  • Focus on Medical School Mission
  • Department Governance
  • Medical School Governance
  • Relationship with Supervisor
  • Mentoring and Feedback
  • Opportunities for Career and Professional Growth
  • Collegiality and Collaboration
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • Clinical Practice Environment
  • Global Satisfaction and Retention

How does your institution benefit?

Participating institutions receive comprehensive reports that address the specific needs of the institution and valuable benchmarking with peer institutions. Participants of the program have used the survey data to:

  • Support continuous quality-improvement efforts
  • Create strategic plans
  • Plan for future workforce needs
  • Contribute to reviews of department chairs
  • Provide evidence for quality awards
  • Evaluate institution-specific policies and programs
  • Secure funding for faculty development programs
  • Define new faculty tracks

View more details on how former participants have used Faculty Forward Engagement Survey data  at their institution.

How can I invest in my faculty?

Institutions can administer the Faculty Forward Engagement Survey at any time during the year. The survey provides participating institutions with relevant, actionable information that can be used as a powerful lever to create the kind of faculty workplace that facilitates excellent institutional performance and quality care. The Faculty Forward team assists you through the entire survey process. We provide the flexibility for you to choose survey and reporting options that best fits your institution’s needs. Our team partners with you to identify the best time to implement the survey, creates customizations that support your institution’s goals, and access toolkits to maximize success.

What type of reports are included?

Participating institutions receive a comprehensive set of qualitative and quantitative reports that address the specific needs of the institution. Our Standard Report package includes:

  • An executive summary highlighting key findings from the institution
  • 13 demographic benchmarking reports
  • 33 aggregated department benchmarking reports
  • De-identified qualitative data reports
  • Department data sorting tool
  • PowerPoint presentation of key findings

Which schools have participated?

Since 2009, over one-third of medical schools have participated in the Faculty Forward Engagement Survey. Many of those schools have participated multiple times, surveying every three years per industry best practices. View the full list of participating institutions.

To learn more

Please review our Faculty Forward Engagement Survey handout. 

If you are interested in implementing the Faculty Forward Engagement Survey at your institution or learning more about reporting or pricing options, please contact

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