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    Membership - GFA

    The dean of each member medical school and CEO of each member teaching hospital may appoint to the GFA one primary representative and additional persons from the faculty and staff who have administrative roles in faculty affairs and faculty development. Examples of eligible roles include: appointment, promotion and tenure oversight, faculty rewards and recognition, leadership and career development programs, mentoring programs, faculty recruitment, retention and diversity initiatives.

    Where more than one person is appointed from an institution, a primary representative is designated to receive and respond to formal GFA correspondence.

    All GFA members have the privileges of the floor in all discussions and are entitled to vote.

    Categories of Membership

    Primary GFA Representatives – one per AAMC member medical school or teaching hospital – designated by the Dean of the school or CEO of the hospital.

    Additional GFA Representatives – faculty members whose work is directly connected to Faculty Affairs and/or Faculty Development.

    Professional Administrative Staff GFA Representatives – medical school or teaching hospital staff members (not faculty members) whose work is directly connected to Faculty Affairs and/or Faculty Development.

    Friends of the GFA – People who are interested in the Faculty Affairs and/or Faculty Development work (who may not have a medical school/teaching hospital affiliation) should gfa@aamc.org.

    Member Engagement

    • Participate in discussions on the GFA Listserv by posting and responding to colleagues’ queries
    • Serve as a mentor to new GFA colleagues or sign up as a mentee in the GFA Mentoring Circle
    • Attend and participate in a future GFA Professional Development Conference
    • Submit a proposal for a poster or podium presentation at an upcoming GFA Professional Development Conference
    • Maintain your institution’s Faculty Roster Data by working with the AAMC Faculty Roster team
    • Nominate a GFA colleague for the Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award
    • Complete surveys for GFA faculty data
    • Consider nominating a GFA colleague to serve on one of our subcommittees or rise to the challenge yourself!
    • Participate in a GFA webinar
    • Provide feedback on how we can best serve you as a GFA member by emailing gfa@aamc.org.