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Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA)

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The Group on Faculty Affairs (GFA) sustains faculty vitality in medical schools and teaching hospitals by supporting faculty affairs deans and administrators as they develop and implement institutional policies and professional development activities. 

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Guide to Group on Faculty Affairs

The GFA is an exemplary group for medical professionals in faculty affairs or faculty development roles who are looking to advance their knowledge and skills to prepare for the future of academic medicine.

The group offers many resources including the GFA listserv, professional development conferences, webinars, the mentoring circles and many more opportunities to connect and grow with and within the community. GFA members can access member-only content as well as peer-to-peer networking opportunities with colleagues from 151 member institutions and teaching hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

GFA members are appointed.

Membership is open to individuals at AAMC member institutions appointed by the dean of a member medical school or CEO of a member teaching hospital. Membership benefits include opportunities for networking and in-depth peer-to-peer learning. 

About the Award

The GFA established the Carole J. Bland Phronesis Award to commemorate the legacy of service and example of Dr. Bland. This award serves to honor members of the faculty affairs community who exemplify the spirit of phronesis through dedicated and selfless promotion of faculty vitality.


Nomination packets will be reviewed by the Membership and Nominating Subcommittee who will rank the top three candidates and make their recommendations to the Steering Committee, who will select and notify the recipient. Upon agreement to accept the award, the Steering Committee Chair will notify the remaining nominees. The selected nominee will remain confidential until the annual GFA Professional Development Conference, at which time the recipient will be named and the award conferred.


The 2020 nomination cycle opens March 2020.

Learn more about the requirements, selection process, and past winners here

Connect with members of the Group on Faculty Affairs and stay informed on group news and priorities

The Group on Faculty Affairs offers numerous opportunities for members to collaborate and participate in group decisions and governance

A full list of the current members of the Membership & Nominating Subcommittee, Professional Development Subcommittee and Program Planning Subcommittee of the Group on Faculty Affairs. 

A full list of the current members of the Group on Faculty Affairs' Communications Subcommittee and Research & Project Development Subcommittee. 

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AAMC Mailing Lists

AAMC mailing lists are available for sharing valuable information and resources with our member institutions and constituents. 

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