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    Membership - GDI

    In June 2009, the AAMC Board of Directors approved the new Group on Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) Rules and Regulations. This action formally established the GDI as a new AAMC professional development group. In August 2009, the Council of Deans (COD) received communication requesting each dean to appoint Designated and Individual GDI Representatives.

    The GDI Charter (PDF) provides information about GDI membership, elected and appointed officers, steering committee, elections, and meetings.


    Designated Participant 

    Deans of medical school members, including affiliate and provisional members, or the chief executives of teaching hospital members of the AAMC shall appoint a faculty member or administrator as the institutional designated participant and who shall serve at the pleasure of the respective dean or chief executive. There is only one designated participant per institution.

    Individual Participants 

    Additional participants are welcome from AAMC member institutions. The deans or chief executives are encouraged to look across the institution and recommend individuals who have strong expertise and interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion. A participant with responsibility, expertise, or interest may self-nominate. There is no limit to the number of individual participants per institution.

    Participant Getting Involved

    As a GDI participant, you are important in contributing to the success of GDI. Here are ways to get involved:

    • Volunteer to develop and implement GDI national priorities, which include initiatives, projects, and meetings.
    • Serve on GDI working groups or planning committees, as needed.
    • Participate in discussions on the GDI listserv by posting and responding to your colleagues’ queries.
    • Attend the GDI national meetings and AAMC Annual Meeting.
    • Provide feedback to your GDI Steering Committee on how they can best serve your needs as a GDI participant.