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    GDI Diversity Consortium

    The Group on Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee hosted its first Diversity Consortium at Learn Serve Lead: The AAMC Annual Meeting in November 2016. The purpose of this meeting was to convene AAMC affinity group leaders and engage in meaningful dialogue on how to advance the AAMC and GDI's mission, drive progress in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and promote more equitable institutional cultures.

    Summary of 2023 Consortium

    The 6th Annual Diversity Consortium: Factors Promoting Excellence took place at the Learn Serve Lead 2023: The AAMC Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. During this session, each AAMC Affinity Group leader had the chance to actively contribute to a collaborative discussion aimed at advancing our shared objectives of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our goal was to identify and discuss common themes, challenges, and opportunities for collaboration. Access a PDF summary outline of our discussion.

    We partnered with a graphic recorder to capture a depiction of our discussion. Our hope is that this image (PDF) portrays the synergy we made an effort to cultivate during this session allowing leadership to come together and express their challenges and brainstorm solutions.

    2023 AAMC Affinity Group Reports

    Each AAMC Affinity Group was invited to share a report on its activities and initiatives related to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. The purpose of this PDF report is to centralize this information and identify common themes, challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

    AAMC Initiatives

    Tangible Outcomes