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Legislative Slowdown Won’t Stop Advocacy for Research and Medical Education

With the 2016 presidential election underway, the AAMC and its members will continue to advocate on behalf of the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals. 

AAMC Recognizes Innovative Projects That Improve Health Care

The AAMC’s annual Clinical Care Innovation Award and Learning Health Systems Award programs support academic medical institutions that excel in education, clinical care, and research.

Integrating Patient Safety Lessons into Residency Training

With more than 400,000 deaths linked to medical errors annually, medical schools and teaching hospitals are informing the next generation of physicians about patient safety and quality improvement.

National Academies Report Proposes a New Framework for Research Regulation

A new report reviews regulations and reporting requirements that have placed undue burdens for researchers at academic institutions.


Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine: Overcoming the Prejudices We Don’t Know We Have

Leaders at medical schools and teaching hospitals are examining how unconscious bias affects academic medicine and looking at ways to mitigate the impact.


Lessons Learned in Creating Medical Schools Abroad

Despite high interest, the number of medical schools programs abroad is limited because of challenges associated with sustaining them.


Advances in Military Medicine Save Lives Overseas and at Home

During wartime, clinical knowledge from scientific and academic settings is adapted for combat. Once battle tested, this knowledge is integrated back into civilian health care.

In Every Issue

A Word From the President: Working Together to Advance Medical Education

AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, M.D. Our faculty, students, residents, and institutional leaders are working to improve our nation’s health care system through team-based models, technology, and changes to medical education.

Viewpoint: Loyola University Chicago Takes on Health Disparities

Health disparities detract from the common good and the well-being of affected individuals. It is time to move beyond documentation and dig deeply into transformations that will reduce or eliminate health injustice.


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