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July/August 2015

In the News

Implementation of Core Competency Guidelines for New Residents Gains Speed in Pilot Program

Ten institutions are participating in a new AAMC pilot program designed to ensure new trainees have the core competencies they need to care for patients safely and effectively.

White House Launches Initiative to Promote Responsible Antibiotic Use

Overuse and misuse of antibiotics to fight bacterial infections have contributed to an emerging global problem: antibiotic-resistant infections. The AAMC has endorsed a national strategy put forth by the White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address this.

Unlikely Partners: How Academic Medicine and Correctional Facilities Can Forge Progress Together

People who are incarcerated or recently released from correctional institutions face a unique set of health issues. Several AAMC-member institutions have programs to reduce these health care disparities and improve health care in prison.

Making Room for the Next Generation of Biomedical Scientists

The next generation of biomedical scientists faces competition for limited academic research dollars. Some postdocs are choosing to pursue careers in other sectors.

Having the Talk: When Treatment Becomes End-of-Life Care

Some physicians are uncomfortable about having end-of-life talk discussions with patients, but new teaching methods are helping medical trainees to get past the hurdles.

A Decade Later: Hurricane Katrina Inspires New Partnership That Sustains Safety-Net Mission

A decade after the epic hurricane, the new University Medical Center New Orleans opens to fill the gap of Charity Hospital, a city icon that was destroyed in the disaster.

Medical Schools Taking Active Role in Helping Students Manage Debt

Medical schools are responding to the increase in debt incurred by today’s students with new programs designed to ease the burden and ensure they can continue their training.

In Every Issue

A Word From the President: The Supreme Court Bends Toward Health Equity

AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, M.D. With the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell decision, the nation is a step closer to ensuring that all Americans will get the affordable health care they need.


Viewpoint: Increasing Health Care Access for Hispanic Communities

Dr. Elena Rios, MD, MSPH, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association discusses the shortage of Hispanic physicians and policy reforms to increase the number of Hispanics in the health care workforce.

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July/August 2015 Issue

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