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May 2015


In the News

New MCAT® Exam Launched to Help Medical Schools Identify Applicants With Broader Skills, Knowledge

In April, 7,500 prospective medical students were the first to take the new Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®). Developed and administered by the AAMC, the revised MCAT exam includes new content to support a broader effort to expand holistic review in the medical school admissions process.

End of “Doc Fix”: Bipartisan Bill Replaces Medicare Reimbursement Formula

Congress has repealed Medicare’s highly contested sustainable growth formula (SGR) and replaced it with legislation that makes significant changes to the Medicare physician reimbursement system.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Merging Social Determinants Data into EHRs to Improve Patient Outcomes

Given the growing body of evidence about the social determinants of health, there has been a push to enter social data into electronic health record (EHR) systems.

The Public Health Imperative: Revising the Medical School Curriculum

With a growing emphasis on the social determinants of health, a number of medical schools have taken steps to introduce more public health content into the curriculum.

Precision Medicine: Paving the Way for a New Era

New technologies, human genome sequencing, and high-speed computer capabilities all are supporting the advancement of precision medicine, an emerging targeted approach for disease treatment and prevention.

Spotlight: When Googling a Patient Raises Ethical Questions

Researcher Maria Baker, PhD, encourages medical professionals to develop guidelines and incorporate cases in the curricula that address the complex ethical issues associated with “googling” patients.      

Bringing the Lessons of Mindfulness to Medical School

More medical schools and teaching hospitals are introducing mindfulness training as a way to promote resilience and manage work-related stress.

In Every Issue

A Word From the President: A New Paradigm for Evaluating Future Physicians

AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, M.D. The first administration of the new MCAT exam in April was the culmination of many years of work to develop a test that better assesses the knowledge and abilities that future physicians will need to practice in a changing health care landscape.

Viewpoint: The Future of Medical Education in Canada: Vive la différence!

To complete his groundbreaking 1910 report, Abraham Flexner toured all U.S. and Canadian medical schools, and outlined his vision for medical education in North America. Since then, health care in both countries has changed dramatically. 

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