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NEGEA Special Interest Groups

Interested in joining one of our Special Interest Groups? Look for these group meetings at our upcoming April 2016 Retreat!

MELS – Medical Education Learning Specialists
Conveners – Robert Lebeau, Ed.D., Jennifer Meka Ph.D., Hanin Rashid Ph.D., Aubrie Swan Sein Ph.D., Norma Saks, Ed.D.:
MELS – Medical Education Learning Specialists is a new NEGEA SIG. The purpose of the MELS SIG is to create a community of learning specialists, who offer academic support to medical students, residents, and other health professionals, to share best practices and resources. The SIG supports professional development by providing opportunities for collaborating and developing research and other scholarly activities. This group is not just for learning specialists, but welcomes all interested in discussing issues and improving services related to academic support. We invite those affiliated with NEGEA to join us as well as colleagues from around the country.

LiME – Librarians In Medical Education
Contact - Len Levin:
LiME, or Librarians in Medical Education, began as a SIG within the NEGEA community in 2007. The purpose of the SIG was to serve as an opportunity for those teaching information literacy skills to students, residents and faculty to meet with and learn from others in the region who are on the forefront of planning and executing medical curriculum. LiME is not just for librarians but is for anyone interested in how knowledge of using the medical literature and information literacy plays a role in medical education.

TiME – Technology In Medical Education
Contact - Dr. Nagaraj Gabbur:
The TiME group is for educators who are interested in the practical application of today's technology to enhance teaching of our students. The group is appropriate for teachers involved with any aspect of the education continuum (UME, GME and CME).
The intention of this group is to bring educators beyond Powerpoint and into the 21st century and also to set standards by demonstrating examples of successful technology use in the classroom.

DOCS – Directors of Clinical Skills
Contact - Robin (Rikki) K. Ovitsh:
DOCS formed over five years ago out of interest that was expressed partially at NEGEA meetings. The purpose of the Directors of Clinical Skills Courses is to build a cohesive and productive national consortium of educators who direct courses which teach clinical skills to medical students. We aim to promote scholarship, establish best practices, and encourage exchange of ideas within the broad realm of medical education.

AAMC Northeastern Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA)

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