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Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Program


The Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) program is intended to provide the knowledge necessary to understand the purposes and processes of medical education research, to become informed consumers of the medical education research literature, and to be effective collaborators in medical education research. Alone, MERC is not intended to produce independent medical education researchers.

The program is open to all who are interested in improving their educational research skills and is targeted for those with a background in medical education but relatively less experience in conducting educational research. The courses are targeted for clinicians and other educators who desire to learn research skills that will enable collaborative participation in medical education research projects.


Each three hour workshop focuses on a key skill or area in educational research, emphasizes opportunities for hands-on activities and active participation, so as to maximize the applicability of the workshop principles. Six workshops of the participant's choosing must be completed to qualify for the certificate. These can be taken in any order.  See workshop descriptions.

Registration and Fees

Those interested in receiving a MERC Certificate must complete six (6) workshops. In order to receive a MERC Certificate you must first complete six (6) workshops. Upon completion you then have to register for the MERC Certificate Program and pay an additional fee of $100.

Registration for MERC workshops hosted by the AAMC and its regional divisions take place through the AAMC. MERC workshops hosted by medical schools and other societies or organizations will offer registration through their own meeting registration system. Every effort will be made to find space for MERC Certificate registrants in MERC workshops, but no guarantees can be made. Slots available to MERC registrants may be limited for workshops sponsored by some societies or organizations.

AAMC sponsored MERC workshops registration deadline is one week prior to the workshop date.

Cancellation Policy

The fee for an individual workshop will be refundable up to two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. Cancellation after that point will forfeit the registration fee. If there are fewer than 8 people registered for the MERC workshop by the deadline, the workshop will be cancelled. You will be notified and your money refunded.

MERC Contacts

Judy A. Shea, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Medical Education Research
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

AAMC Staff
Nesha Brown
Senior Program Specialist, Educational Affairs

FAQ for Hosting MERC Workshops

Interested in having workshops hosted at your organization?

MERC Graduates

MERC has over 1,000 graduates to date.

Register for MERC certificate

Those interested in receiving a MERC Certificate must complete six (6) workshops at the regular rate and pay an additional fee of $100 for the certificate. Registration for the MERC Certificate should not take place until you have completed and provided proof of completion of six (6) workshops.