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Program Impact

Project CORE Overview

Since Project CORE started in September 2014, Project CORE academic health systems have:

  • Implemented eConsults and enhanced referrals in over 30 adult medical and surgical specialties, as well as a growing number of Pediatric specialties at select centers.
  • Completed over 20,000 eConsults, resulting in thousands of avoided unnecessary referrals and inefficient curbside consults.
  • Achieved high levels of patient, primary care provider, and specialist satisfaction with eConsults.
  • Achieved high rates of primary care provider use of the model, with 75% or more of primary care providers using eConsults year-over-year in our first cohort of participating AMCs.
  • Identified opportunities for future scale and sustainability of the model, including engaging with payers and other key stakeholders.

Benefits to Stakeholders

Currently more than 2 million primary care patients across the 20 participating AMCs can benefit directly from timely specialist input on their care as well as greater convenience and savings. Specifically, this provider- and patient-centered intervention results in benefits for the following key stakeholders:

  • Leadership: Improved quality of care, reduced costs, improved access in high-demand specialties, opportunity to extend referral network, increased provider alignment, better position for negotiations with payers, and improved patient and provider satisfaction
  • Payers: Reduced referrals and associated costs, and improved access for beneficiaries
  • Primary care physicians: Standardized processes across specialties for referrals and associated data transfer, timely access to specialty input, clearer roles in patient co-management, and improved continuity and comprehensiveness of care for patients
  • Specialist physicians: Structured approach to consults and referrals with clear clinical question conveyed by consulting provider, better access for patients, better revenue potential per referred patient, and more-efficient referrals
  • Patients: Improved access to care, greater convenience, and fewer unnecessary visits, tests, and out-of-pocket costs

Provider and Patient Satisfaction

Across the 20 participating CORE AMCs, nearly 3,000 primary care providers are benefiting from eConsults and enhanced referrals, with feedback overwhelmingly indicating improved communication and care coordination with their specialist colleagues and better patient care.

At a time when providers are increasingly burdened by the EMR, and the risk for burnout is rising, this care innovation has been found to be highly valued among providers.

Provider and patient surveys conducted at the initial participating AMCs show that patients, primary care physicians, and specialists are highly satisfied with the program.

Provider Satisfaction

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