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Report on the Compensation of the Dean's Office Staff

The annual AAMC Report on the Compensation of the Dean’s Office Staff provides compensation and responsibilities statistics for medical school chief officers in eight administrative areas at the senior associate/vice dean, associate dean, and assistant dean levels. Deans and Principal Business Officers at participating medical schools receive complimentary access to the full report, including a separate analytic Excel file containing the underlying, aggregated compensation and responsibility data in a flat format.

The full report is available for download on the Medical School Profile System’s “Compensation” tab at https://systems.aamc.org/mspsreports/ for participating deans and Principal Business Officers.

In addition, an Excel-based report containing aggregate data on compensation and responsibilities by gender, race/ethnicity, and other individual and institutional demographics is released to the public each year and can be accessed below.

When interpreting the Report on the Compensation of the Dean’s Office Staff data, please consider the following:

  • While the report data provide a cohort of individuals with a degree type and a procedurally intensive specialty, data are not normalized for a specific department, specialty, or their faculty rank.
  • Because the survey only collects compensation data for senior-most leaders across administrative areas, the report’s analysis cannot provide a full accounting of dean’s office leadership structures across medical schools. For example, there may have been additional assistant or associate dean positions under the senior-most leader.
  • The survey’s eight administrative categories may not reflect the full composition of senior leadership roles at each U.S. medical school. For example, some medical schools may have joint positions that cover two administrative areas, such as Student Affairs and Diversity Affairs. In cases where there are such joint positions, the survey instructions asked participants to report data for their area of primary responsibility.
  • Although the AAMC has added administrative areas to the survey over the years, schools may have senior leaders in other positions not included in the survey, such as senior associate dean of strategic planning.
  • In some cases, data cannot be reported by multiple demographics across administrative areas due to small sample sizes.
  • The report data do not account for how long a person may have held a role (i.e., time in position) and its potential impact on compensation.
  • The analysis only includes what is considered to be usable compensation data, which means the data have to include all components of compensation and time dedicated to the dean’s office.

Download the 2022-2023 AAMC Report on the Compensation of the Dean’s Office Staff — Public Report (Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet) below.

download report

Contact dos@aamc.org with questions about the Report on the Compensation of the Dean's Office Staff.

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