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Faculty Roster: U.S. Medical School Faculty

U.S. Medical School Faculty Trends: Average Age

Average age of full-time faculty by gender, race/ethnicity, and rank: 30 year trends.

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Note: The high-level race/ethnicity categories at the AAMC are American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; Black or African American; Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; White; and Other. An individual may fall into one or more of these race/ethnicity categories. For the purposes of this particular display, White Alone refers to a faculty member who falls into the White race/ethnicity category but not into any other race/ethnicity category, and All Other Races/Ethnicities refers to a faculty member who falls into any other race/ethnicity category or into any combination of race ethnicity categories (including combinations with White).

Source: AAMC Faculty Roster as of December 2023

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