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    Key Resources for Strategic Planners

    General Strategic Planning Resources

    • The Changing Environment (PDF): How do you plan for the long term in an ever-changing environment? This resource provides an overview of things to consider as a clinical, research, educational or institutional plan is developed and how to leverage effective strategies to cope with changing circumstances.

    • Environmental Assessment Tools for Research (PDF) This presentation is divided into three parts: Part 1 focuses on an overview of research strategic planning, including trends; Part 2 focuses on assessing the internal environment; and Part 3 focuses on assessing the external environment.
    • Introduction to Strategic Planning (PDF): This presentation introduces the concept of strategic planning and illustrates how strategic planning can help your institution. In this presentation, you will learn how to develop the strategic direction, assess the environment and establish goals.
    • Organization Alignment (PDF): For your strategic plan to succeed, each person in your organization must support it. This session will focus on the importance of, and ways to gain buy-in from, the university or other institutional leaders, identify project leaders, and develop a communication plan.
    • Performance Excellence and Continuous Improvement Methods (PDF): There are many tools, methods, templates and frameworks that can be utilized in strategic planning. This presentation provides a brief introduction to some of the more well known frameworks. While the method itself can be a valuable asset in strategic planning, the adaptability of the different frameworks to fit your unique planning needs is where the real value is derived. Gain a better understanding of how to utilize some of the different methods and potential outcomes by utilizing these tools.
    • Strategic Planning and Assessment Presentation - This presentation is designed to give an overview of the strategic planning process for those new to the process. It has been used with deans and other executives particularly in higher education, but it is applicable to any organization.

    Journal Articles

    Scorecards & Data

    Strategic Planning Software (Commonly Used by AAMC GIP Members)

    Strategic Planning Presentations

    • Developing and Implementing Effective Strategic Diversity Plans (PDF) A collaboration across four institutions, this presentation covers the need for diversity to be a key focus area of institutional strategic plans.  Presenters provide recommendations and tools on how to be successful as well as provide some insight into their lessons learned.  
    • Developing the Action Plan: Moving from Planning to Action (PDF): Moving beyond the development of the strategy and goals, this presentation focuses on elements important for the success of the strategic plan. Coordinated action across the institution is the key to success. In this presentation we will examine how resource plans are constructed and how to develop and identify key stakeholders and resources needed to achieve your goals.
    • The Future (PDF): What has changed over the years in strategic planning and what should we expect in the years to come? What are the new technologies and technologies coming down the pipeline that will help the strategic planning process be successful? This is a chance to think toward the future, and to help better position yourself, as a strategic planner, to be ‘strategically thinking’ toward future opportunities.
    • The “How To” of Problem Solving - Strategies for Facilitating Continuous Improvement (PDF):  With perspectives from two institutions, this presentation provides several creative tools to assist individuals and entities in becoming effective and efficient problem solvers. In the context of the presentation, a problem is a gap in performance, i.e., actual vs. expected.  
    • Managing Your Strategic Plan (PDF): This presentation offers examples of metrics, scorecards, dashboards, and other tracking tools for accountability. Included in the session will be a discussion of return on investment, delegation and assignment of responsibilities, and staffing and effort associated with managing your plan.
    • Strategic Planning During Mergers and Acquisitions (PDF) This presentation provides strategic planners with several different viewpoints on how to create a shared and successful future during times of change within the academic medical center environment.  
    • Utilizing Scorecards & Dashboards in Strategic Planning (PDF) Focusing on best practices, this presentation combines the need for and use of dashboards and scorecards as well as how to incorporate these tools in the strategic planning process.