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Second Opinion

Learn about policy issues important to medical schools and teaching hospitals, with Executive Vice President Atul Grover, M.D., Ph.D.

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

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Resident physicians have graduated from medical school and typically spend three to seven years in graduate medical education (GME) training at teaching hospitals and their associated ambulatory settings.  AAMC member teaching hospitals educate the next generation of physicians through excellent and essential clinical training.  

The Medicare program is committed to paying its share of the costs of educating residents and provides special payments, called direct graduate medical education (DGME) payments, to hospitals to cover costs directly related to educating residents. 

The Medicare program also provides special patient care payments to teaching hospitals, referred to as indirect medical education (IME) payments, to account for the higher costs of the complex patients teaching hospitals treat and the highly specialized care they provide. 

Cuts to GME funding would jeopardize the ability of medical schools and teaching hospitals to train physicians, nurses, and other health care providers, as well as limit critical services to the community. 

House VA Panel Examines Choice 2.0, VA GME Expansion

October 27, 2017

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs held an Oct. 24 hearing on pending draft legislation to reform how veterans access care at non-Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities. VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD, also testified regarding a VA proposal released Oct. 16, titled the “Veteran Coordinated Access and Rewarding Experiences (CARE) Act.”

HRSA Seeks Comments on CHGME Quality Bonus System

October 20, 2017

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) issued an Oct. 16 request for comments on how to implement a Quality Bonus System as part of the Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) system, as authorized under the Children’s Hospitals GME Support Reauthorization Act of 2013 (S. 1557).

Congress Takes Steps to Extend CHIP, Federal Workforce Programs

September 29, 2017

The House and Senate Sept. 28 passed legislation that includes funding through December 2017 for Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education (THCGME) and the Indian Health Service (IHS).

USCIS Resumes H-1B Premium Processing for Conrad 30 Physicians

June 30, 2017

—The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) June 26 resumed H-1B premium processing for physicians entering the Conrad 30 program.

GAO Releases Report on Physician Workforce

June 30, 2017

—The Government Accountability Office (GAO) June 26 released its report, “Physician Workforce: Locations and Types of Graduate Training Were Largely Unchanged, and Federal Efforts May Not Be Sufficient to Meet Needs.”

Understanding GME

Federal Funding for Health Workforce Training

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Preserving GME Funding

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Whether it’s an emergency or a serious illness requiring complex care, when life is on the line you can count on America’s teaching hospitals. But can they count on the funding they need from Congress?

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