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Second Opinion

Learn about policy issues important to medical schools and teaching hospitals, with Executive Vice President Atul Grover, M.D., Ph.D.

Government Affairs and Advocacy

Government Affairs and Advocacy

This Week In Washington

President Signs FY 2018 Omnibus with $3 Billion NIH Increase, Boost for Other Health Programs

Through bipartisan votes of 256-167 in the House of Representatives March 22 and 67-30 in the Senate early March 23, lawmakers passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 (H.R. 1625), the omnibus funding bill that will fund the federal government through fiscal year (FY) 2018, including a $3 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and additional funding for several other health programs.

White House, Congress Seek Opioid Solutions as AAMC Shares Policy Recommendations

As lawmakers consider legislative strategies to curb the opioid epidemic, the White House March 19 released the president’s plan to address the public health emergency by reducing excessive prescribing, promoting evidence-based addiction treatment and recovery support services, and reducing the supply of illicit drugs.

House Passes ‘Right to Try’ Legislation

The House March 21 passed the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act (H.R. 5247), on a largely party-line vote of 267-149.

Preserving GME Funding

GME ad for right rail

Whether it’s an emergency or a serious illness requiring complex care, when life is on the line you can count on America’s teaching hospitals. But can they count on the funding they need from Congress?

AAMC Ad Calls on Congress to Make Medical Research a National Priority


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