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Academic Societies

AAMC membership is an investment in your academic society, the greater academic medicine community, and the future of health care.

Membership Benefits for Academic Societies

The following membership benefits are covered by annual institutional dues.

A National Forum Shaping the Future of Academic Medicine

Policy and Advocacy

Leading Edge Data, Analysis, and Research

Subject Matter Experts


Additional Fee-for-Service Resources

Member academic societies have the opportunity to take advantage of additional fee-for-service resources that provide customized solutions to meet an organization's specific needs and challenges, or that provide professional growth opportunities to particular individuals within a member organization. These include:

Professional Development Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

Resource for Finding the Right Talent for your Organization

Secure Solution for Financial Disclosures


Event Space at AAMC Learning Center

To learn more about how to become a member, please contact Member Services.

Related Affinity Group

As a member benefit, AAMC member academic societies have the ability to enroll two representatives in the AAMC's Council of Faculty and Academic Societies.