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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Academic Medicine Webinar Series

    With AI offering so many opportunities across academic medicine, the AAMC is convening and connecting our community. This free webinar series will share strategies and exemplars in the field to help grow your knowledge and advance your practice.

    This learning series will explore critical concepts, the current landscape, and practical strategies drawn from various perspectives and institutions to support you in navigating the evolving world of AI in academic medicine. Sessions will feature resources and best practices that you can apply across various settings, as well as time for Q&A with the featured speakers.

    All are welcome to attend. Register for the complete series.

    Upcoming sessions

    “Building Trust & Transparency in the Age of AI: Behind the Data Curtain”
    February 28, 3:00-4:00 pm ET 
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    AI models rely on the data that train and fuel them. It is important for issues around data management, governance, and ethics to be considered in any decision about using AI. Speakers will share how they are addressing data and ethics related concerns around the use of AI tools by highlighting best practices and sharing practical examples of how to leverage these tools and support innovation while also protecting learner and patient data, addressing bias, and building strong data governance policies and procedures. 

    Lynn Cleary, MD, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical University

    Cecilia Barry, JD, Senior Corporate Counsel, AAMC
    Katherine Chretien, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs, Professor of Medicine and Director of Medical Student Wellness, Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Ernie Perez, MS, Associate Provost and Executive Director, Medical Campus Information Technology, Boston University

    “AI & Healthcare Delivery: Navigating the Clinical Reality and Expectations”
    March 26, 3:00-4:00pm ET
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    In this session, panelists will explore the utilization of AI in the clinical space and the importance of preparing the future generation of physicians, who will navigate a healthcare landscape where AI is even more integrated than today. Our discussion will also explore what level of AI awareness and experience program directors and DIOs are expecting their new residents to begin their graduate medical education. This session will encourage discussion that illuminates the changing paradigms regarding students' AI education from a postgraduate medical and clinical viewpoint, and how undergraduate medical education may need to change to keep up. This session will help contextualize these rapidly evolving possibilities within existing clinical structures and technology platforms (e.g., electronic health records). 

    Keith Horvath, MD, Senior Director, Clinical Transformation, AAMC

    Tauhid Mahmud, MD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Instructor, Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine, Stony Brook University
    Shakaib Rehman, MD, MACP, FACH, FEACH, FAMIA, CSH, Chief of Education, Phoenix VA Health Care Systems; Professor & Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix
    Mary Kate Selling, MHA, Executive Director, Clinical Data and Analytics, UChicago Medicine

    “Leveraging AI in Teaching & Evaluation”
    April (Date/Time TBD

    “AI and the Operational Functions of the School: From Admissions to Business Services”
    May (Date/Time TBD

    “Faculty Development in Support of Leveraging AI”
    June (Date/Time TBD)

    “Leveraging AI for Research & Innovation”
    July (Date/Time TBD)

    “Building AI Partnerships Across Medicine, Industry, and Government”
    August (Date/Time TBD

    Past sessions

    "AI in Medical Education: Using the Missions of Medical Education as a Guide" 
    January 23, 2024
    Speakers discussed the insights and tools needed to position yourself knowledgeably in conversations regarding AI’s place in medical education. Encouraging participants to leverage their institution’s mission as a guide when considering AI uses, they provided a comprehensive summary of the existing landscape while exploring critical questions about AI across the continuum. 
    Video Recording | Presentation Slides | Q&A Section Summary

    Other AI resources from the AAMC 

    Artificial Intelligence and Medical Education Resource Collection
    This curated collection includes scholarly resources, in-person and virtual events, and other information to help you stay up to date on the latest work happening across medical education. Also included are opportunities for you to engage with colleagues and experts in AI, machine learning, large language models, and more.