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    What is Gender? Terminology and Definitions

    Video Length: 53 minutes

    Every individual has a gender identity and a way that they express it, and this usually becomes apparent in early childhood. While most children identify with their assigned gender, increasing numbers are identifying with a gender that is incongruent with their birth sex and expressing dysphoria. Pediatricians can help patients and their families understand the different components of gender, developmental trajectories of children, and a family’s role in supporting positive gender identity.

    *This video is a part of Caring for Transgender Youth, Presented by the AAP Section On LGBT Health & Wellness Webinar Series

    Learning Objectives:
    After viewing this video, the learner will be able to:

    • To define gender identity, gender expression, gender role, and transgender.
    • To describe ways pediatricians can support healthy gender development in all children.
    • To identify “first steps” and resources to support parents in developing healthy gender identity in their children.

    Ilana Sherer, MD, FAAP
    American Academy of Pediatrics

    Chad Rodgers, MD, FAAP
    American Academy of Pediatrics

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