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    Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Award Selection Criteria and Instructions

    Nominees must have a MD or DO degree and should be actively involved in the medical student education process and have demonstrated their possession of the primary qualities and characteristics outlined below:

    • Positive mentoring skills
    • Involvement in community service
    • Compassion/sensitivity
    • Demonstrates and models the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in their daily work and life
    • Collaboration with students and patients

    Additional information about the Selection Criteria


    Each primary Organization of Student Representative (OSR) in a U.S. AAMC member medical school may nominate one candidate each year. Institutions may resubmit the name of a previously nominated candidate, although the written nomination should be rewritten and not duplicated from the previous year.

    • Nominees must be a physician (MD or DO degree) member of the school's clinical faculty either in a tenure or non-tenure track.
    • Nominees must still be on faculty at the time of the award during the 2024 AAMC Annual Meeting in the fall.
    • The institutional selection process will be coordinated and supervised by the OSR primary representative and should include an organized institutional nomination and selection process involving all medical students.
    • The Dean of Student Affairs must be made aware of the nomination prior to submission.
    • The nomination must be submitted via the online call system.

    • Please certify your OSR rep status prior to submission.
    • The OSR representative must notify the institution's nominee of the award nomination at the time of submission.
    • Please do not include nominees' curriculum vitae or resumes. These materials will NOT be considered in the selection process and will not be provided to the selection committee for consideration.
    • Please do not include letters of support; they will not be provided to the selection committee for consideration.
    • Nominations with less than two paragraphs of text per category will not be eligible. A paragraph is typically a minimum of five sentences.
    • Nominations must be submitted by Monday, March 11, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET.
    • Nominations received after the deadline date will not be considered for the award; no exceptions.


    • Convey how students feel about the nominee.
    • Provide quotes and anecdotes (list who the quotes are from: students, peers, patients, and faculty etc.) describing the nominee’s qualities.
    • Give specific examples and accomplishments that exhibit the nominee’s humanistic characteristics.
    • Relay how all sections of the nomination form categories impact students.
    • Provide specific examples of humanism and compassion.
    • Demonstrate a 360-degree view of the nominee in varying environments.
    • Include what the nominee does outside of medicine: interests, volunteer work, hobbies, etc.
    • One author should write the entire nomination so that it reads as one voice and in the third person as a narrative. Tell a story.
    • The nomination should be written well.