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  • Professional Service

    FindAResident Policies

    The AAMC and FindAResident respect the importance of responsibly collecting and guarding the information we receive from our users. We have instituted a variety of programs and policies to help promote integrity in the application process to residency and fellowship training, and the protection of our users' data.

    Integrity Promotion Program

    The AAMC is dedicated to promoting integrity in graduate medical education, and advocates high standards during the application process. FindAResident is committed to supporting a high standard of integrity during the application process; unethical behavior is strongly discouraged.

    FindAResident has initiated a campaign to discourage fraudulent activity and to encourage reporting of fraudulent activity where warranted. Types of irregularities and activities targeted for investigation include, but are not limited to: omission of education history, fraudulent score reporting, and plagiarized personal statements.

    As part of the Integrity Promotion Program, FindAResident has developed the following information:

    Privacy and Data Policy Information

    FindAResident provides a service that enables applicants seeking unfilled positions and physician-training programs seeking applicants for their openings to connect and pursue opportunities, as appropriate.

    In doing so, FindAResident must collect program-specific information for applicants to evaluate programs and applicant-specific information for programs to evaluate applicants.

    FindAResident does not sell its mailing list or e-mail addresses to commercial vendors, but may use the information for marketing purposes or surveys. For more details, please review the FindAResident Privacy and Data Policy (PDF).

    ERAS-FindAResident Agreement

    FindAResident is a sister program of the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). We share specific applicant data between our programs to help applicants more efficiently complete their resume information.

    This data-sharing agreement with ERAS necessitates information-sharing regarding irregular applicant behavior as outlined by the ERAS Investigations Policy. Applicants who have confirmed violations of the ERAS Integrity Promotion Guidelines will be considered in violation of FindAResident's policies as well, and will be indicated as a violator within the FindAResident system.

    Programs wishing for more information on the nature of the violation may request a report of that information from FindAResident by contacting us directly at findaresident@aamc.org or 202-862-6153.