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FindAResident™ (FAR) for Program Staff

FindAResident™ (FAR) is a year-round service designed to help administrators and program directors fill open residency and fellowship positions. 

FAR supplements the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) and is ideal for filling unexpected vacancies, especially after The National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) Main Residency Match® and Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®). FAR is available for ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs. FAR provides you year-round access to eligible candidates for Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) through PGY6 residency, and fellowship positions in all subspecialties.


FindAResident can help you if:

  • Your program has open positions remaining after The Match and SOAP. 
  • You need a candidate to immediately fill an unexpected vacancy. 
  • You are seeking fellowship candidates. 
  • You are a specialty not supported by ERAS®. 
  • A private mailbox where you will receive resume notifications from interested applicants and track and organize information for applicants that interest you.
  • Ability to add or remove residency or fellowship positions year-round. 
  • Opportunity to describe your program's special characteristics, outline applicant requirements, and list required documents. 
  • Access to a customizable search engine so you can search for applicants by post-graduate year, geographic location, specialty preference, and previous residency experience.
  • Applicants complete a standardized FAR resume so you may easily review and compare applicants.

Obtain Your FAR Access Code

  • Fill out the programs registration form to register as a user for an ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship program.
  • To complete the form, you will need your ACGME Code, which is a 10-digit identification number used by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to identify your program. If you don't know your ACGME Code, please contact your program director.

Register for FAR

  • Select "Residency/Fellowship Program Staff" and enter your FAR Access Code.
  • Complete the required information with your personal information (not viewable by applicants).
  • Once the required information is completed, click Submit.

Set Up Your Program Profile

  • Include your program’s contact information, description, and any special instructions or requirements for submitting applications.

Post Position Vacancies

  • Post position vacancies according to PGY level and start date and detail any special position requirements or minimum criteria.

Search and Notify Applicants

  • Search for qualified applicants based on their PGY level, geographic location, specialty preferences, and previous residency experience.

Check Back Often for New Notifications

  • Your FAR mailbox is a convenient way to check for resume notifications from interested applicants and to track information for applicants that interest you.

Update Your FAR Information

  • Be sure to update your FAR profile; if any of your program information changes, click Edit to launch the position update screen.

FindAResident Policies

FindAResident Investigations Process